Why Sheffield Is The Perfect City To Do Business.

Feb 22, 2024 | Locations

Sheffield – why should you choose it as your place of business? 

Apart from the fact that it was the number ONE city in the UK for starting a business in 2022 (according to Startups.co.uk and their Startups Cities Index), there are a myriad of reasons why Sheffield is the perfect place for you to do business.

1. The best city outside of London for starting a business

The top line statement to start us off. As determined by Startups, this wonderful accolade was defined by five major categories; Business Support, Infrastructure, Talent, Wellbeing and Business Activity.

Startups stated that they were impressed by the city’s “low cost of living, large working population and fantastic transport links”. 

Definitely a good start when you’re looking at the town/city to put your stamp on.  No wonder there’s a rise in demand for Sheffield serviced offices!

2. A Varied Business Profile

Sheffield houses an impressive variation of businesses across multiple industries, including several global names. Aerospace manufacturers Boeing, McLaren, Rolls-Royce and BT all have facilities based in Sheffield. 

As a nod to its background in the manufacturing industry and expertise, Sheffield’s tech scene has truly developed with its advanced technology, which is a big factor in attracting larger conglomerates.

3. Talent Pools

With two fairly big institutions on the doorstep, Sheffield houses a large pool of talented graduates, who are ready to jump into work with forward-thinking companies post-studies.
According to the Forge Press, in 2021 it was shared that The University of Sheffield had a 40% student retention rate after graduation, which in comparison to other UK cities is up there in the top 5.

4. Cost Effective

According to ABC Finance and their cost of living index, Sheffield is very reasonable in terms of living costs compared to many other of the UK’s largest cities. Only outranked in that specific cost of living index by Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle, Belfast and Derby.

This means that in terms of how cost-effective the move will be for your business – very is the answer! This counts on both sides as well, with commercial property prices and rents being lower in Sheffield, and housing and day-to-day living costs being lower, meaning that there’s more disposable income at play. 

5. Supportive Business Environment

Sheffield has a truly strong business ecosystem, which has a huge amount of businesses from small startups to large businesses as part of it. This means there is a supportive network of organisations at your fingertips, especially including the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as access to business advice, networking opportunities and endless business resources.

Not only that, but for small businesses, Sheffield is a hotbed for investors, incubators and accelerators that support small businesses to grow within the local ecosystem.

Find your new Sheffield office

It’s clear Sheffield is a top choice for those looking to start or expand their business. If you’re looking at your options in this incredible city, then take a look at our popular Sheffield workspace, Courtwood House.

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