Guide: How To Choose A Serviced Office.

Mar 20, 2024 | Offices

So, you’re thinking about taking the next step in your business? Or maybe you’re expanding into a flexible workspace? Whatever your situation, let us guide you through it with this list of things to consider when choosing a serviced office. 

How much (and what type) of space do you need? 

Something every provider will ask – how much space do you need? Or if you’re able to be more specific, what square footage would you be looking for? Providers will charge per square foot, so definitely good to check on specific numbers. 

The first thing that might come to mind, is how efficient or generous you want to be with allocating space for your team, storage and potential breakout spaces. Again, different providers will provide different size spaces in relation to how much square footage each desk fills, so good to know before making any decisions. 

The next thing to think about is what style of office space you’d like. Are you wanting a collaborative space whose foundations are open-plan? Or do you want some more isolated working spaces? 

Is your business set to expand? If you’re planning to hire in the future, or just want to generally set aside a bit of space for the future, you might want to think bigger. 


You know what they say – location, location, location! Where do you want to base your office? 

This will be your business address for the period of your contract, and could be a big factor in company growth. A lot of companies who work out of serviced office spaces feel the benefits of having companies and individuals to network with around them, and the opportunity to get to know the colour of the local area. Furthermore, if your employees are fans of local food providers and places to shop, an area where you’re in abundance will keep them happy. Our Sheffield serviced offices are a great example of a prime location (without the hefty price tag!).

Facilities and Amenities

It’s likely that in a flexible workspace they’ll have extra facilities and amenities to provide more bang for your buck. Whether this be showers, free hot drinks, meeting rooms or breakout spaces, it’s worth asking, or if you head over for a tour, you can have a nosey round yourself. 

Contract Flexibility

An important one for forecasting – how flexible is your contract? As goes the golden rule of contracts, make sure you’re understanding what you’re signing before you confirm it. Look at term length, notice period and any penalties for early termination, and think about negotiating terms that balance stability and flexibility, whilst considering the current and future state of your business. 

All inclusive?

A big one for your forecasting and ease of contract. A lot of serviced offices will offer an all-inclusive package, which means essentials like Wifi, cleaning services, stocked kitchens, a manned reception etc are all included. Compare packages between providers before making any final decisions, so you can get the best for your money. At Flexico, all of our contracts are all-inclusive to save you time, and hassle. 

These are very general points, so make sure you dig deep and check all the costs, terms and conditions before making any final decisions.
We hope this helps guide your process of choosing the right serviced office for your business.

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